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the master lighting course

The Master Lighting Course

I wrote The Master Lighting Course for photographers who want to master the art of controlled lighting for photography. This course provides over 125 videos lessons on the art of studio and location lighting photography. The program is very well organized, with easily referenced lessons presented in an educationally-sound order. I don't leave out any details. I show you how and tell you why every step of the way. The course is divided into three sections, all of which are included in The Master Lighting Course:

the studio lighting course
the outdoor lighting class
the dog and pet photography course
Kimberly Sarah Photography

Kimberly Sarah Photography

My wife Kim and I are artists that specialize in pet photography, creating amazing artwork of pets and their well-behaved families that they will value for generations. Our art is even slobber proof.

You may have seen our work displayed on the cover of ‘New Hampshire Magazine’, or know of us through our projects to help hundreds of shelter dogs find loving homes, but the majority of our luxurious Art can be found gracing the walls of our clients homes. We are pretty much the opposite of mall pictures with Santa.

Our studio is in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and we serve clients throughout New England and beyond.

the studio lighting course

How about this fun video Kim and I created for our photography business a few years ago. Hilarious!

(Created in our old Manchester studio).

The Dog Art Gallery Portsmouth

The Dog Art Gallery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA

Lets not fib here: The Dog Art Gallery is the brain child of my wife, the lovely talented Kimberly Buccheri. The Gallery is a unique space dedicated to displaying our artwork in an amazing and beautiful setting. The gallery serves as our public gallery space, our studio, and a comfortable place to meet our clients.

Featuring forty works of art, The Dog Art Gallery is over 2,500 square feet of space in the historic Customs House in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA. The art shows dogs, cats, and other pets and their relationship to their families. All of the work on display are duplicates of client commissions and the work created for local rescue and shelter organizations.

The Dog Art Gallery is open to the public most weekends and by client appointment.

The Dog Art Gallery Portsmouth
The Dog Art Gallery Portsmouth
The Dog Art Gallery Portsmouth

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